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Tambor Chicago is a small ensemble dedicated to the study and presentation of Afro-Cuban folkloric music. The core members are strongly rooted in Afro-Cuban music, having studied with re-known Afro-Cuban masters. Afro-Cuban music is primarily drums and singing.  The most important drums are the Bata drums.  Played horizontally, and always a set of three in Cuba (drums were brought to the New World by the Yoruba people from present day Nigeria), Bata have a liturgy of rhythms or toques that correspond to the Orishas, or Gods.  These Orishas also have songs and these  songs can be sung  accompanied either by the Bata, tumbadors (congas), or Shakeres (beaded gourds).  Tambor Chicago is an ensemble of dedicated percussionists, vocalists, and soon to be dancers,  interesting in maintaining this rich history.  



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